The Reason Is…Use Group Travel Agencies

In the age of Expedia and Airbnb, you’re probably accustomed to planning trips on your own, so travel agencies might seem like weird dinosaurs that stubbornly refuse to go extinct. When you can book flights, cruises and hotels from the comfort of your own home with just a laptop and a credit card, who needs a smiling person behind a desk to help you click “CONFIRM PURCHASE”?

Although this thought process might make some sense when you’re planning a trip for yourself or a romantic getaway for two, what happens when you’re dealing with ten, twenty or even a few hundred people? The more people coming along on your trip, the more complicated the planning gets. And if you’re the one planning, all that extra complication and extra work falls squarely in your lap. The result isn’t just a lot of stress; it can be a disaster.

Let’s say you’re planning a destination wedding. Sure, the beach, ocean and vivid sunsets will be great. But before your feet are in the sand, there’s the small matter of booking hundreds of flights and setting up hotel accommodations for all those guests. Without a group travel agency, that’s all your responsibility, except you’re not getting paid and you don’t even get any of the perks of a professional travel agent (like free coffee at the office).

Added to the expected work of booking a arcane visa requirements, which you know back to front, right? There’s nothing like finding out that grandma can’t even make it to the ceremony because no one told her about some little piece of paperwork she had to fill out three weeks ago. Definitely memories that’ll last a lifetime.

On the other hand, with a group travel agency, this nightmare of planning and paperwork doesn’t just become someone else’s problem — it becomes the responsibility of a team of experts. They’ll not only make sure that all your guests make it to the appointed tropical paradise or other location (and that your guests have somewhere to sleep once they get there), but they’ll also ensure you don’t pay an unnecessary fortune for the experience. They can find cheap flights, get special travel pricing for large groups and even provide some flexibility in the travel plans in case there are unforeseeable changes. (Which there almost certainly will be.)

With a group travel agency, you can plan a destination wedding with the experience and expertise of seasoned, trustworthy professionals instead of with weeks of stress and indecision that make you want to pull out all your hair. Sure, you could go with Expedia, but you might end up walking to the altar (or your chosen non-wedding destination spot) with more bald patches than you might like.

Don’t risk planning your group travel alone. Just hire a group travel agency and they will leave you with enjoying your vacation!

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